Love You Is Not A Complete Sentence 

Love you

Love you, too

Who? Or what are you referring to? 

When I say I love you 

That means I love you

There is a love I feel in me, and I express it toward you

If you love me, I would hope

You would say I love you, too

But when you just say

Love you

I wonder what it means

Love you without the pronoun “I

Could mean just about anything

So who is it that loves me back, when I tell you I love you!?

Is it your dog? Is it god? Who are you referring to? 

Is it you that loves me, or just love, generally?

I give my love freely, so I guess that’s all I can say

I just want you to know what when you reply to my affection without you as the subject who is loving me back

I feel a little incomplete 

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