Inner Child

I’ve been afraid of everything my whole life

It was safer to act angry than afraid around my family 

They could relate to my anger

But they couldn’t tolerate my fear

And what it reflected to them

Hence, we got stuck in a pattern 

Of me giving them what they expected 

All these years I’ve buried the fear

Under layers of anger

My body so tense 

Just fighting to survive 

I ended up fighting with myself 

Fighting my own body to stay alive

I’m in a place now where I can feel the fear 

I don’t have to be angry anymore 

There’s no one here to be angry at 

There’s nothing to fear

So every time that feeling comes up

I ask myself

“What are you afraid of?”

And I hear my inner child answering 

It’s, ok, I tell her

You are safe

You are safe

And I can feel her relax

I feel my muscles let go

She can go back to being happy

I’m taking care of her now

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