Shine Brighter Than The Darkness 

In my journey I have learned

That having the mindset of Christ 

Means acting like a good person

It is a consciousness 

You don’t have to be religious

Or practice a faith

Or preach salvation and Armageddon 

Because no one has to die 

Religion is divisive in that it separates people

One from another

And instills fear and hate


The truth is we are all one

We are all one human family

When we focus on our common goal 



The pursuit of happiness

Clean water

Food that nourishes

Unconditional Love

A warm bed

These are the things we all want

These are the things we all need

These are the things we all deserve

It is our right

To be free

To be loved 

To be alive

When we realize this,

It will unite us

If we focus on our similarities 

And start treating one another

The way we want to be treated

And focus on our selves

Instead of the other person

We will begin to realize our power

We have the power

As human beings

To channel the energy

To create the change we want to see

If you want peace,

Make peace

If you want to complain and create negativity

You will create it

Whatever you put in

Is what you get out

It’s not rocket science

But it is science

It’s the law of the universe

It’s free will

You are not a slave

Unless you choose to be

So today, 

Choose love

Choose light

Let every utterance from your mouth

Be gracious 


Building up

Not tearing down

And let the other person choose their reality

As far as it depends on you

Be peaceable with all men

Be the change you want to see

Eventually you will become

You will radiate the light inside of you

Be the light

Shine brighter than the dark


Written 07/08/2016

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