They said the love I was looking for didn’t exist. 

It’s not that they lied, it’s just not available to them. 

I have suffered for 43 years longing to love and be loved. 

I was angry because I felt forced to accept their definition of love. 

It wasn’t enough for me, so I began to love myself intensely and passionately. 

By doing this I made myself available to be loved by someone else equally as intensely and passionately. 

Like a magnet, I attracted the level of love I personally required to be content…. 

In addition, I have found total acceptance and unconditional love. 

They told me it didn’t exist. 

But I knew in my heart that it was out there somewhere.. 

And I refused to give up, so that when it appeared I recognized it, 

and I went for it, 

and yes, 

I am




And if you know me 

Or love me at all

You would be happy for me. 

Because I deserve this love more than anything❤️💋❤️💋

And so do you😘😘😘

Written 06/21/2016 and continued today…

He makes me feel safe

He lets me be myself 

He laughs with me

Not at me

He listens

And understands

And when he doesn’t get it 

He keeps trying 

Until he does

He is empathic, telepathic, compassionate 

He is tender 

And gentle 

And sweet

He is just like me

He gives love like me

An equal exchange 

A perfectly matched 





My beautiful love 

My equal

My divine soul connection 

I see myself when I look at him

He makes it safe for me to cry

And let go of the years of pain

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