Journal Entry from 06/16/16

I’m an apostate. According to the religious sect, Jehovah’s Witnesses, at least, I am an apostate which is someone who has abandoned their faith, a rebel. They take it a step further and because I speak out, I’m probably going to be disfellowshipped.. Excommunicated. Kicked out and shunned. All but a few of my former friends have shunned me for the things I’ve said. I am angry at religion. Most recently because they gang raped my daughter and didn’t support her at all.. They disfellowshipped her and I was expected to shun her as well, at the age of 15 while she was living in my home. I couldn’t do it and it was then that I began to wake up to reality. I went to Colombia and saw the love of the culture and the people. I saw the love of God in humanity, not in the slavery to which religion subjects us. I’m angry at religion because they cut me off from communicating with Spirit when that gift, a gift we all can access, that gift is a part of who I am. I come from a long line of gifted spirit mediums who have ignored their gifts because religion told them it was demonic to consult the stars or spirit. Imagine the confusion over that.. IT IS WHO I AM. But I tried to be something else in order to earn the love of God, to be saved. Imagine my surprise and pain when I found out it was a lie.

Written 6/16/2016 (I am the antichrist)

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