Love is NOT Controlling 

True love is joyful in the presence of love.  No matter what kind of love it is.  Whether it’s gay, straight, bi, transgendered, or otherwise, love is love.  One cannot say they are loving, and suggest that a type of love is not love.  Love is joyful in the presence of love, without a need to control.  Love is love is love is love.  There are no boundaries or rules.  If one cannot love in the presence of love, that one is trying to control.  People get angry when they feel they have no control.  They get mad and want to define.  What kind of love is real love?  What kind of love does God have in mind?  What kind of God would limit the love to one type, and exclude all forms outside?  Only a God of control, of jealousy and fear, a god with anger on his mind.  

In truth, God is us, god is love, god is kind, there is no right way to define it.  You are the one who decides what is love, when you release your control and embrace it.   All is love and love is all.  There are no boundaries or limits.  Love is infinite, universal and unlimited.  You put limits on it when you try to control it.  

If your partner and you split up, and he finds another lover, if you love him, you will rejoice in their joy.  If you can’t do this, you don’t love him, you just want to control him.  If two men or two women find love in each other, you will rejoice with them if you are a person of love.  If you cannot do this, if you believe this is wrong, you are controlling, not loving at all.  If you believe that god sets these boundaries on love, the god you believe in is not love, it is control.  

So we all need to ask ourselves at this moment in time.. is it love we believe in, or control?  

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