In Case You Missed It.. 

In case it isn’t clear

I’m going to leave this text

To sit right here

I had to set a boundary 

I had to state my truth 

I don’t care if they see it

My life has been my proof


I do not agree with your silent treatment. None of you. All of you. The way all of you are treating me is disgusting. You violate my boundaries by ignoring me and expecting me to want your attention. I disagree with this behavior and I am done with it. The level of love you offer is nonexistent. I do not have room in my life for this kind of negativity or the kind of people you choose to be. I no longer care what any of you think of me. I do not need your approval or anything from you. You are threatened by my mind and my feelings and my sensitivity and you prefer to believe I am sick and disturbed in order to make yourselves feel better. Not once has ANYONE asked how my health is, how is my back, do I have what I need. Not once have any of you cared or expressed gratitude for the things I did for you all for more than 20 years. Your behavior disgusts me. All four of you. Your lack of compassion, gratitude and civility is disturbing. Do not expect a response from me in the future. Do not expect me to care whether you care about me or not. You have shown the true side of yourselves and have fully justified my reason for leaving you in the first place. You said the kind of love I need does not exist, and this is the kind of love you offer. You have a lot to learn about love. Any blame or accusations you level at me of any kind will fall on deaf ears. I am finished caring about any of you. May you receive all the feedback you deserve in life.


It is







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