The World is Suffering From Spiritual Blindness

The world, as a whole prefers to be blind. When someone is in pain, we do not want to see it. When someone says they are feeling better, everyone is relieved. No one wants to face the pain that the entire world is suffering from. We don’t want to admit that we are all traumatized. All of us are living in a state of fight or flight.  When someone complains about their life on social media, at work, anywhere, people generally don’t want to see it. People don’t want to hear other people complain. The reason is because we are all in pain and we just simply do not want to face it. We want to continue on with our lives, without acknowledging that we are all miserable. Once when I posted that I was feeling the last of the pain and I felt I was on my way out, people expressed relief. Good, they said.. time to think positive.   Sometimes people complain about other people airing their dirty laundry on social media.  No one wants to see it. No one wants to hear it. This is because everyone feels the same and they don’t want to admit it.   People want to live by this philosophy of thinking positive and being optimistic without addressing the deep underlying pain that we are suffering from. The truth is, we are lying to ourselves if we believe we can move into a life of positivity without first acknowledging the pain we are suffering from. This is what dealing with our shadows is about. You cannot ignore the Darkside. The Darkside and the light must be integrated together. They must both be acknowledged, accepted, and integrated as one. There is no light without darkness.  To ignore the dark and look only towards the light is a disservice to oneself and to society.   Why do you think we have so many people who kill themselves every year? Why do you think people give up on themselves? It is because no one is listening. No one wants to hear their pain so they suffer alone. They suffer in silence because no one will aknowledge their truth. And the truth is they are in fucking pain. We need to admit this and we need to look at it and we need to accept it in order to heal it.   

We live in a world where we are conditioned to be slaves. We are told to go to work, make money, feed the machine, sit down and shut up. We are forced to ignore our feelings. When the truth is we are extremely sensitive and feeling beings. We were not made to be slaves, but that is what this world is trying to do to us. There are police everywhere, monitoring our every move.  We live in fear of losing everything at any moment.  We are afraid of our government, we are afraid of other people, we are afraid of everything. But we don’t admit it. We just put a smile on our face and go to work every day.  We think we are fine, when we are actually just numb and powerless.  This is bullshit. And this is why we are miserable. This is why people are in therapy and getting in arguments with strangers on the road.  It is the same all over the world. But it is probably worse in America. America has been fed a lie. If they only knew that the reason why they have air conditioning and giant gas guzzling vehicles is because their political leaders are raping and stealing from the land and people in other countries.   The media does not want America to think. They show you scenes of strife in other countries, war across the world, to make you feel safe because this isn’t happening on your land. That your life must be so much better because you’re not experiencing the things you see on TV. But the truth is all of us are grown up traumatized children. 

For centuries our parents have mistreated us and we grow up to continue the mistreatment to our children. We are trapped in a cycle of chaos. A cycle that will never end until we wake up. We need to wake up and face the nasty, ugly, dirty secrets that everyone wants us to ignore. These terrible things cannot be ignored anymore.  All humans are the same. No one is dangerous to anyone else. The only thing that separates us is our belief that we are separate. Our belief in different ideals. Our bloodthirsty resistance to change and acceptance. Every one of us has our eyes in the same place, our nose in the same place, our mouth in the same place. Inside of us all of our organs are in the same exact place. We are no different from one another. We are all the same. We are all one. And the sooner we realize it the sooner we can make our planet a better place to live. But first we must acknowledge the things that we have done to each other to make us believe that we are separate.  There is no savior that is going to make our lives better. We must do this ourselves. We are our own Savior. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And it is time for us to wake up.

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