Opt For Happiness

I’m leaving

On a jet plane

Don’t know if I’ll be back again

I hate to go

But I don’t 

I’ve upset a lot of people

Turned the tables on the suffering

And I’m sorry for that

I’ve suffered myself

I’ve suffered in silence

I created a role

I played it out

The only way for me to release my pain 

Is for me to transform

To raise my own vibration higher than the fear

Higher than the anger

Higher than the anxiety and stress 

and the belief that I had to suffer

To be noble

There is no virtue in suffering

I’m not the same person I was a year ago

I can’t play that role anymore

I’m headed toward healing


Making happiness

Maybe it’s the best way 

Maybe it’s the worst

I don’t know

I’ll find out soon enough

I’m scared.. But not as scared as I was in 


Or the shelter

Or trying to make it on my own


Yet I did it.. I’ve proved to myself that 

I can start over anywhere


I’ve experienced all this country has to offer me

I’ve loved 

I’ve lost

I’ve lived

I was bedridden in November 

Unable to sit




I was physically sick 

And stuck

Until I decided to make something happen

One thing at a time

Until I brought myself back up

I out grew my life

I expanded

And once I started

There was no turning back

So I’m going to go through this open door

And see where it leads

And try to be a better person

Once I finish healing

 I’m sending you all love and peace

I’m sending you all the courage to do whatever it takes

To end your suffering

To endure is to enslave yourself

Set boundaries

Say no

EVERYTHING is voluntary 











Is optional

Opt for happy

Whatever that looks like to you

I’m going to be ok

I love you guys

Written 2016/05/22

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