Magic is Happening 

I’ve had lots 

And lots

And lots

And lots

And lots

Of time

To think

And think

And think 

And think

And think

About time time time time

And life life life life

And joy joy joy joy

And love love love love

And I’ve painted a picture of 

All of those things

And what it might look like

With my eyes closed 

I see it

It’s real

And now I’m at the point where 

I’ve brought it into focus

I can see it for real

With my eyes open

And closed

At the same time

What I made in my mind

Has become a reality

I focused that hard

I believed in it 

That much

That it happened

I did it

I made magic 

I accessed it

The power of the universe 

Is at your fingertips 



Written 2106/05/21

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