Sister Blister

Female jealousy.. gets me every time. I have trauma from my step mothers who felt threatened by my presence. Can you imagine? I was a little girl, 5 years old and onward, receiving catty female jealousy energy from grown women in a relationship with my father. They treated me with such cruelty. I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I’ve preferred the company of boys since childhood. Boys don’t have the same drama. Boys are funny and make me laugh. Girls are nasty and hateful and feel seriously threatened when they’re insecure. Jealousy only happens when one is afraid to lose something. The remedy for this is to feel secure within yourself whether you “have” that something or not. People are not possessions. We do not own anyone, and no one owns us. If someone acts like they own you, you should know that’s not a healthy mindset. I’m not interested in taking anyone’s man. When female jealousy comes at me, I feel guilty and threatened and afraid. But that is only because of the extreme cruelty I’ve endured. Ladies, if you’re so insecure about yourself or your relationship that you’re going to dishonor another woman to secure your position, you need to take another look at yourself, or your partner, not the other woman.

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