Let it Go

We hold on to our pain when we need to just let it go.. you cannot please everyone. If someone attacks you, it’s their own issue, not yours.. the only reason it resonates is because you’ve been hurt like that before and haven’t been able to feel it through. Take the next opportunity to let it go.. scream, cry, do whatever it takes but let it go because holding it in only makes YOU suffer. We live our lives from our unresolved feelings and then we suffer. When we clear those hurts, we can come from love. It begins with self love.. we simply CANNOT love anyone or anything if we do not love ourselves. You wouldn’t tell someone else not to feel the way they feel, would you? Why do you do it to yourself? So go scream your head off if you have to.. go cry. Just let it all out. That pain, held inside you, will only destroy you from inside. Don’t let those people have that kind of power. Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings.. every single one of them is valid. Don’t apologize. You have a right to feel everything. Your feelings only hurt you if you deny them and ignore them or invalidate them by saying “I shouldn’t feel this way” yes you should, because you do. You DO FEEL this way and pretending you don’t ONLY HURTS YOU!

Update 1/26/2020
This post was written in response to an acquaintance that I went to high school with who was a “friend” on Facebook that told me in response to my post about my feelings that I shouldn’t feel the way I did. He blocked me after this post and killed himself a year later. He was 47.

His sociopath mother now glorifies his repressed feelings for her own gain.

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