When You Pray, Pray in This Way

Be careful what you pray for

You don’t know what is best for you

People don’t realize that prayers come true .. the worst thing you can do is pray specifically

Pray for beauty

You will be envied

Pray for fame

It will be chased

Pray to be needed

They will suck out your soul

Pray to find God and you will manifest whatever you think or believe

Instead, pray to know truth and to be open to receive whatever is for your highest good. Pray for everyone’s highest good. If you’re going to pray for someone just pray that they get what’s coming to them! It is not up to you to decide what that is or what they need. Good or “bad”
Pray to find love and open your heart to allow it and you will find it was within your self the whole time. Only then can you find it in any one else including God

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  1. Jack Bennett
    May 18, 2017

    Thank you 🙂


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