I Knew it Was Time For Me to Fly

It’s time to finally stand up and say

Forget what you believe

This is what it really looks like!!


Let’s just pretend I’m your weird friend from the planet Cannabis and I’m here to save the planet but you have made my plants illegal.. I’m here to wake them up lol๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I’ve been fat



And in pain

For 43 years

I was angry and out of control

In the womb

Trapped inside an unconscious mother 

Needing to be


But stuck

I’ve been abused and abandoned

Treated like a dog

Without the 7 year 


Raped and confused




Mistakes I have made

While feeling my way around this planet




Arguing that what you see is not really true

Trying to convince you

Trying to convince me

There were times I wanted to bust out of my skin

But I drank it down

And my soul went crazy

So you locked her up

And put her on pills

So she couldn’t think

Of the reality she was creating

Just painting with a blindfold on

Paint by instruction

Whose instruction

What happens if you take the blindfold off

 What have you painted while you were sleeping





Stand back and observe

A record of lessons

Life on the road

Life in the woods.. Twice

Life with torments 

Life without a home

Life without connection
Yes I’ve been in jail, a homeless shelter, slept in my car, hitchhiked, left everything and started over.. How many times? At least 4.. There’s more, so much more I’ve managed to cram in. 
I’ve been angry abandoned and abused. I’ve been pissed about it. Until I realized I was only hurting myself. And I could say no to this feeling. I had a choice. So I started by saying no.. To anything that caused me pain. Then I realized I tolerated pain so well, I didn’t even know how much I was hurting myself. This began with me when I allowed this experience.
I created this 

I have finished it

There’s nothing more I can do

Except own it

Sign it

Put it on the wall

This is my life 

This is what I made.

Look at it

It’s just another painting I’ve done

It may never be understood

And I accept that

I accept it all

And I’m grateful

To all of the contributing artists who have helped create it

All of the collaboration 

Makes me who I am

And I thank you





Mi corazรณn

It’s time for a masterpiece


Once I figured out that Opposite Day 

Is real

We live in Opposite World here

Then I figured out how to work it


They said life is what you make it

I didn’t believe them

Until I actually tried

I’m making it amazing

And I’m full of gratitude for the opportunities 

Just full of it

If I’m full of anything

It’s gratitude 

What could be better than bringing holistic wellness ideas to the future of the planet!? 

You tell me how life can get any better!?!?

Written 05/18/2016

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