You Define You, No One Else can Do

This is my FB post on this day a year ago.  Yesterday someone I love told me I’m not what I say I am.  They deny my truth.  Had I listened to those kinds of undermining opinions, I would not be here today.  I would still be a victim.  Or maybe worse.

“Little did she know 

One step in the right direction would put her on a path

A path on which she could never turn around 

A path of least resistance 

A path loaded with resistance 

A pathological liar 

An empath

A path of a thousand years 

The fact that you have no clue who you are 

Makes you think you should be whoever you are told”


  1. basilmclean
    May 20, 2017

    Totally agree with your idea. No can define ourselves. Let’s show it!

    1. Black Swan Sibyl 💙
      May 20, 2017

      Ty for your comment, I agree with you, too. We must be authentic now more than ever


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