Christina Hope Justice ~ Empathic Coaching 

Welcome to Black Swan Sybil Empathic Coaching! We are happy to have you here.  You may be wondering, what is Empathic Coaching, what makes it different from life coaching, and how can you benefit from it?

Are You Empowered?Empathic Coaching is similar to emotional therapy or counseling, with a major difference.  As an intuitive empath, I have the ability to actually feel your subconscious feelings.  I can feel the things you need to feel but are blocked in some way from feeling, and I can help you bring them into your awareness.  In the spiritual community we call these our shadows or our demons, and until we face them, they prevent us from being successful in various areas of our life, including relationships, career, abundance, health and spirituality.

As an intuitive empath I can also draw upon higher guidance for assistance in helping you overcome blocks with a view to what is in your best interest and highest good, and I can receive communications from your spirit guides, guardian angels and other divine beings who are there to heal, protect and assist you if this is desired.  I also make use of divination tools such as Tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulum and crystals when these are appropriate.  As an empathic coach, my emphasis is on teaching you to draw upon your own inner guidance systems, intuition and higher knowing so that you will be empowered to find your own optimal path in your life, in the everyday and also in the longer run.

I also have a sub-specialty in health coaching and addiction recovery, so if you are struggling with related issues (like so many of us do) then I will be pleased to assist you with these as well.

Clients can take advantage of one of two formats.  I offer live one-on-one coaching over video chat such as Skype or Facebook Messenger.  In this format we can have a conversation and I can read your energy in real time regarding the different life issues that come up.  I also offer a YouTube video format in which I can read your energy from a photo and address your presubmitted questions.  The video can be made private (your eyes only) or it can be made available to the public with your name kept anonymous.  In this way your life experiences can be of benefit to others who see your video reading.

We often feel like we are the helpless victim of our circumstances and wonder why bad things happen to us.  The truth is that they happen for a reason, they bring us lessons, and they offer us the opportunity to decide what we prefer to experience.  If we can discover the true higher and personal meaning of our experiences, we become empowered to make changes within ourselves and thereby alter the course of our lives towards creating the future that we truly desire.  If you wish to change the world that you experience, you must start with yourself–if the power is anywhere then it is within you.  Change yourself and the rest will follow.

To book a session, please follow this link to my secure webstore.  I look forward to working with you and I wish you much success and joy on your personal journey!

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