May the Fourth

May the Fourth be with you, beloved ones. Remember the power of your thoughts. Remember the force you have inside. The force within you that creates your reality. Do not feed the dark side if you do not want to experience the pain and fear of being disempowered. You have the power within you to be where you want to be, to have what you want to have, to take control of your reality. Your environment has oppressed you and made you feel like you are in a prison.. you are not in prison. The walls you think surround you are an illusion, a hologram. You are afraid to challenge them so you remain contained in them, but I assure you, when you reach out and take a chance, make a change, you will see they are nothing more than a belief system.. they are limitations placed on you by those who control by fear. You have been conditioned since birth to believe in these limitations, you have invested your whole life and energy in reinforcing them. Today is the day to step into your strength. Step into your courage and let go of the old ways of feeling, it is time to show up and show yourself your own worth. Use the force, the most powerful energy in existence, is inside of you.

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