Watch Me Create a New Reality

Perception  V Reality  One person sees a stone Another person sees their home state  in the shape of the stone Same stone  Different perception  One persons crazy Is another persons reality Should we go around locking people up  if they don’t see what we see?  That would be absurd Someone who is threatened by  Free

Opt For Happiness

I’m leaving On a jet plane Don’t know if I’ll be back again I hate to go But I don’t  I’ve upset a lot of people Turned the tables on the suffering And I’m sorry for that I’ve suffered myself I’ve suffered in silence I created a role I played it out The only way

Magic is Happening 

I’ve had lots  And lots And lots And lots And lots Of time To think And think And think  And think And think About time time time time And life life life life And joy joy joy joy And love love love love And I’ve painted a picture of  All of those things And what

The Dance

Shout out for all the sojourns  Those on the way  Journeymen  Wayfarers The ones Who are walking The walk Of life Walking the talk Talking the walk Moving forward when things seem so  Hard Scary Uncertain  Unstable  Understanding that the only way  Out is through  One foot in front of the other Both feet into

Life is Art is Life

Art is expression Art is release Words Color Emotion Put to paper Spread to canvas On display  For all eyes to see  Not to be  Judged  Justified  Just Seen Seen  Observed Full range of emotion Placed on the table for the sake Of getting it Out  Putting it down Being seen Without making a  Scene

Breath of Fear

Fear is a medium Fear paralyzes Fear motivates How one responds to fear Is voluntary You have a choice You can fight or fly I am not invested in your fear-based mind control matrix I do not believe in the consequences for your threats of punishment What could you possibly do to my soul? You

Holding it in Hurts

I’m here to apologize for the anger I’ve been radiating out from myself for so long.  I was so angry So angry I didn’t even know I was angry I kept it inside I kept my mouth shut  Yet I didn’t I’ve been screaming out  I’ve been acting out I’ve been crying out Indirectly I

Sister Blister

Female jealousy.. gets me every time. I have trauma from my step mothers who felt threatened by my presence. Can you imagine? I was a little girl, 5 years old and onward, receiving catty female jealousy energy from grown women in a relationship with my father. They treated me with such cruelty. I’ve been dealing