Setting Boundaries is Required for Happiness 

They may get angry with you. You may feel rejected. You have been depending on them for years. You know you will be OK without them. You feel guilty for setting boundaries. But you have to do what you do for yourself. You cannot deal with certain things.  There are certain specific things on which you cannot compromise. You must essentially break up with them. You must end the relationship if these boundaries cannot be accepted. You accept their feelings no matter what they are. Even if this relationship is through, you will be OK. You will continue your journey. You know you are more unhappy when you don’t honor your feelings than when you do and they are not understood. You may fear that you may always be understood. Maybe you feel everything and because of this you understand that this world is not reality. It is an experience you are having. And you are solely responsible for the kind of experience you want to have. If other people hate you it is only because they do not agree with your experience.  You are the only one who has to be happy with your own experience.  Only you can judge its value.  You can control your experience by the energy you choose to create and surround yourself with. If your energy is aggressive you will experience aggression in return. If your energy is gentle, you will experience gentleness in return. If your energy is of lack, you will experience want. If your energy is of fear, you will experience pain. If your energy is of control, you will experience controlling. If your energy is of accepting, you will experience acceptance. If your energy is of gratitude, you will experience graciousness. If your energy is anxious, you will experience anxiety. You do not need to run. You do not need to resist any feeling. What you resist, persists.  Just feel, and trust.

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