Thoughts are Actions

If thoughts are actions, my words are my thoughts.  Writing them down is the action I am taking.  I express the need to be heard.  I need to be heard and to be seen.  I may need to cry, definitely need to vent, and sometimes, I might need to scream.  

Why should I feel guilty for asking for help?  Why are children taught to be seen and not heard?  Just seen without a voice.  What a torturous and painful choice.  To shame one another if we express our thoughts out loud. We are told to hide our thoughts away.  Such corruption this is. And we wonder why we then resort to addictions, to bury our thoughts within.  We avoid all our pain, and imagine we can gain ground in life by not thinking our way.

Our feelings are guides.  They show us the way to becoming our greatest version, toward our greatest joy.  Ignoring our feelings, leads to our greatest fear and pain.   No wonder “they” tell us to hide them away.  The machine cannot function without unfeeling zombie slaves.

We are programmed to think.  We can not program our feelings.  Our feelings are reactions to our thoughts.  Such disharmony.  Such disillusionment.  To imagine that our thoughts and emotions can be separate.  You can program the thinking of a whole population, but you cannot manipulate how they feel.  They will try to comply, but what you will end up with is, a whole society suffering from disorder.  Identity crisis, disillusion, frustration, confusion.

Feeling is human, thinking is a program.  When we start feeling, and stop thinking, we will begin healing.

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