Awakening Mantras

1) research/realization: “I seek to know the truth; I am open to changing and releasing my beliefs, in order to perceive the whole truth exactly as it really is”

2) shock/grief: “I realize that my reality is not what I prefer; I recognize the need for change, the need for healing”

3) anger/fear: “I recognize that boundaries have been violated; I say no; I rise to the challenge; I am ready to take action; I am ready to enforce the boundary”

4) understanding/integration: “I release resistance to my own emotions, so that I may know them fully; I hear the message of my emotions, so that I may learn from them; I allow myself to feel pain fully, so that I may also feel joy fully”

5) autonomy/acceptance: “I know the difference between my perspective and the perspectives of others; I allow others to have the experiences and beliefs they prefer; I respect other’s free will and know that my free will is also respected”

6) empowerment/mastery: “I recognize that I am the origin of all that I experience, and I choose what I prefer; I allow all energy that comes from without, painful or pleasurable, to pass through me without attachment; I offer my perspective to others unconditionally, without need for acceptance or validation”

7) peace/love/unity: “I am every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. I am unity. I am infinity. I am love/light, light/love. I am.”

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