Invitation to the Global Stress Summit

In this healing journey I am learning, that one of the biggest causes of pain in my body is stress.  I knew stress was a problem in most of my clients.  I know that stress is pretty much the underlying cause of most health problems, and I know stress can kill you.  But, like always, it is so much easier to see what other people need help with than it is to be aware of our own needs.  I am obsessed with educating myself.  That’s why I like free online summits.  I have learned more about health from doing my own personal research and from watching expert talks online than I have in any of the classes or workshops I have paid for.  That’s why I have become affiliated with health talks online to bring these valuable resources to as many people as possible.  Stress is the number one deadly problem in the United States. At The Global Stress Summit, a free, online event, you can educate yourself on ways to reduce stress and why it is so important for you to do so! 

Register here by clicking on this hyperlink.  Your body, mind and family will thank you!

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