Dear Friends, Announcing my New Business

Hi, there, I want to share some exciting news. I finally gave birth to my baby on Easter! I have been nursing this project, my baby, for 18 years, since first becoming a yoga instructor in 1999. I was also teaching Pilates and Aqua exercise and eventually became a personal trainer. Through my own wellness journey, I became certified as nutrition coach after losing 86 pounds. I was in the best shape of my life when I was injured on a trampoline. This pain stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to see within myself what I was also seeing in my clients. There is a connection between the body, the mind, and the spirit. One of these elements cannot be neglected. Thus came my understanding of the emotional connection in our lives to the results we see on the outside. I then completely neglected everything I believe in from god to my family to every single thing, and began to focus on my self. My own heart. As I write this email, to a few special people, I am moved by my own journey. It is hard to write it in few words, hard to not be poetic. But that is my life, this is what I am creating. And as I read about my own education, I am proud of myself for making the most of my time.

I am not a scholar or an academic. All I know comes from my experience and perspective as an unaware empath with heavenly connections. Had I not had this experience, I would not be myself. I have been training my whole life to do this. I have built myself up and created a business out of all of the work I have done. I am so excited to flip the switch and turn on the machine that is me. I offer empathic coaching that is interactive and very thorough. I have the ability to feel your feelings, physically in my body as you speak to me about yourself and your life. I can feel your energy move through your body, and with my intuition and with the help of divine wisdom, I can help you find the blocks to your success in whatever it is your soul wants to achieve. You have free will and divine connection yourself, we all do. The only thing blocking you from being where you want to be, is how you feel. Our feelings create our reality, so it is important to know how one feels. How you decide to feel is completely up to you. As a coach, I help you feel your way through the emotions that are painful. Thankfully, they come out in layers, so how much you release is, as everything, entirely up to you. It’s not fun, or easy, but it is worth it. I’m living proof 🙂 I’m so proud to share with you my new support page for my business .. here is the link. Let me know what you think
Christina Hope Justice

Medium/Channel Intuitive Coach

Certified Holistic Health Coach 

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