The Greatest Puzzle Game

Love is a puzzle game

I had to figure out 

By listening to the clues in my mind 

Not listening to doubt

Putting trust in angel signs

And in my own self love

Lo and behold 

What happiness 

I manifested love 

A Knight in shining light 

His eyes were the roadway 

That led me to the keys

His voice is reassuring me

When I am on my knees

I recognize his voice

His laugh is the lyrics

To the song playing in my heart

It’s the pitch perfect tempo

It resonates through me

His voice is like heaven 

He is the soft spoken voices 

In the story of our life 

Matching up the pieces

Childhood memories 

He is the perfect playmate

Perfect partner 

Beyond imagination 

My own living Faery tale

My own twin soul flame mate

His voice is

My favorite song

His mind is my delight

I would listen to him tell me stories 

Or ramble 

All day long and all night 

We are a creative girl and an energetic boy

We are children once again 

We are wiser now and we’ve proven ourselves 

A decidedly capable man

And a strong, wise woman

A tender, kind papa

A loving, patient mama

A mystical mathematician 

And a magical, marvelous medium 

I know his love by heart

His notes have cured my pain 

His fluency amazes me

Our rhythm is the same 

We have a language that we speak 

It’s a special element 

I know he’s mine because 


He’s perfectly fluent 

In me

One soul became 

Two parallel lines on a plane

Their destiny 

To meet after infinity 

A single soul has found itself 

In sacred geometry 

The greatest game 

Of You and Me

Has finally been solved 

The secret is

The only sin 

Is not to love 

Oneself in all


Ring the bell

We win the prize

The Archetypes

Are coming back


Play the game 




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