The Channel Has Changed

I am a channel

I came to raise the dead

Those who are stuck

And trapped by their fears

Holding onto 3D

Just waiting for me

To come and release them

And show them the light

Can you understand it?

Try and you might

Just listen in silence

Quiet your mind

You can hear them in silence

Resist the urge to try

Don’t judge them

Don’t argue

When they call out to you

Those voices in silence

Live inside you, too

We are a channel 

For a frequency

Energy and pain

Your thoughts are your reality

It can drive you insane

If you decide not to listen

And ignore the voice within

It has a powerful message for you

The secret of sin

There is no such thing 

as death due to sin

They want you to know

The light of truth

Shines upon the lies

Don’t you know?

I am channeling

I hear you

I hear you calling my name

Responding to my thoughts inside

This matrix like game

Please use my hands

Please channel me

Let me participate 

I want to play this 3D game

I want you to help

I feel you there,

You’re cheering me

On my long journey

I’ve made it so far

Bus, plane, train and car

I’ve done some amazing things

With help from Heaven and men

And beings unseen

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