I Am Not A Barbie Doll

I have decided to give up

Caring what other people think

I told my boyfriend 

I decided to stop wearing a bra

I felt his body tense

So I asked him what he feels

He said

People will notice

That’s all he said but

I know he means

People will judge

People will criticize 

People will have opinions

As people do

That’s sadly true


What do I care

What other people think

About me

Or what I do?

Why should other people be concerned 

About me wearing a bra or not?

Why should anyone have an opinion on it at all?

The same goes for what I wear

How I do my hair

Whether or not I shave my body hair

Or wear deodorant 


Who cares? 

It doesn’t affect anyone

On this planet

Except me

As long as I am happy

Being me

That’s all that matters


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