A Letter From God: You Are Not Alone

No matter where you go, you are not alone 

Everywhere you go, you are not alone

Can you handle that?

This knowing mind

Hovers ever and above

You don’t need to feel judgement

Or anything but love

There is nothing you can do

To make me not love you

There is nothing you can say

To make me go away

I am Source

You call me God

But that’s not what I am

I think it quite odd

You would give your power to me

Some external mystery

When you have the same power as me

You prefer to ruin and blame me

I am not your god

I am not your maker

I am not a parent in the sky

Telling you to take care 

I am life inside of you

Your truth, your way, and your light

Inside your heart you always know

What’s good and what is right

I’m not your god

I’m everything

I’m living inside you 

You are a part of me

Like all living things

We are one and the same

There are no mistakes

And no regrets

No should have

Ought to have

Done things

There is only love

And support from above

We are creating it this way

You and me

Don’t worship me

Don’t look to me

I do want things to change

That is where you come into the experiment 

That’s what’s beautiful about your experience 

Your free will

Your freedom from me

You are the only God you need

For you are the same as me

So please

Set me free

From your dependency!

Set me free from your problems

Stop calling out to me

Don’t look at me for answers

It’s truth you seek 

The truth is that it’s all in you

You are the way and the truth and the light

You’re looking for me, but that’s not right

I can’t help you like you want me to

Because I’ve made you free

You’re free to create your reality

Without approval from me

I’ll not judge you 

Or punish you

You’ll always get what you need

To grow and learn and figure out

How to BE like me


Set me free 

From your needs 

And just go

And Be

You are Free!

With Love, from The God Collective

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