The Golden Rule and Why it is Golden 

“All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you must also do to them.  This, in fact, is what the Law and the Prophets mean.”  ~ Matthew 7:12

We are one.  If we want others to love us, we must show them love.  If we want others to respect us, we must also respect them.  If we want others to see us, we must also see them.  If we want to be heard, we must listen.  Whatever we want for ourselves, whatever we hope for ourselves, we will more likely see those things manifest into our experience, if we send that exact vibrational wish of thought and desire within ourselves to the rest of the world.  Our experience begins with what we believe and how we feel in our heart.

Our problem, as a free thought society, is that we have forgotten what Free Thought means.  We allow ourselves to be influenced by the fear that comes from our parents, our peers, our teachers, our religions, our governments, our media, our social media groups, our society in general.  We are constantly being told what to think and what to feel.  We have been programmed since childhood, to experience certain feelings corresponding to certain thoughts.  These thoughts were not ours, they were formed under influence of our parents and we chose to adopt or reject them according to our perspective.  Thankfully, no programming can completely remove the sense of self within a person.  It survives even if it is buried very deep under thought forms.

Humanity has forgotten what it means to follow the golden rule.  We don’t even know what we really want.  We don’t think we want war and conflict, but we can’t get enough of it in our lives.  We choose to watch it on TV and we can’t turn away from it, like an addiction.  Then we wonder why our kids argue among themselves on the playground, over what seems like nothing.  If you listen closely,  they argue over a desire to be independent, rather than being controlled.  When we realize we don’t have the answers or resolution for them, because we don’t know how to think for ourselves, we just pass on our fears to them.  We have forgotten how we really feel within and about ourselves.  As adults, when someone approaches us with a certain energy, we may or may not resonate with the feeling(s) of that energy.  We may base our perception only on the words being spoken, the tone of voice, the facial expressions or the body language of the person.  If the energy behind everything seen with the eyes resonates in a negative way, such as shared traumatic experience, a conflict could ensue if one or the other is not sensitive and aware of what is happening.  Self awareness helps us to be aware of one another, rather than allowing what we think to interpret the situation.

We spend all of our time being concerned about how others feel, and we don’t even realize it because we have forgotten how we feel.  We don’t even remember how we feel anymore.  Most of us are grown up children with unresolved issues from childhood.  Lower vibrational energy exchanges between us in every day life cause us to react inappropriately to current situations.  We could have felt and acted this way when the trauma initially occurred as it would have been an appropriate response to the situation then, but since we didn’t express our feelings when they happened, we are still carrying them around, unhealed, and conflict can easily trigger those open wounds.  The point is, we have numbed ourselves for so long, we can no longer tell the difference between the energy in the present and the energy of the past.  We can’t feel anything if we are blocked.  We are bombarded all day long from birth on, with the feelings of others, explained by their thoughts, when their thoughts are influenced by how the people around them feel.  No one knows how they feel nowadays, how in the world could we possibly expect peace from our future generations, from children who know how to resolve conflicts, when we can’t even remember how ourselves?  We are in a cycle of energy and until we stop and feel, we will continue to suffer.

When someone has an interaction with someone else, they use words that stem from thoughts created by previous experiences.  If we were more sensitive, we would feel the message behind a person’s words.  We would understand what they’re trying to say based on their energy, feeling, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language.  The better we understand ourselves, and our own feelings, the better we can understand others.  We are all human beings having a spiritual experience, the only thing that separates us is our thoughts, and how we feel about certain thoughts.  What we have forgotten is the truth we have been desensitized from.  The truth is that we are all one.  We are all the same.  When we limit our perspective to what we see with our eyes, how we feel about what we see, and we forget that every other being has a different experience, we fail to connect with the part of the other person that we share within ourselves.

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