Magical Menstrual Moon Ritual

The only blood that should ever be shed is the natural menstrual flow of the woman who is the potential bearer of life.
Blood is sacred & should be treated as such.

Prepare for the process three days prior to the Full or New Moon

Set your intentions and write them on a piece of paper to be burned

Meditate on your desires and what you want to manifest

As your blocks come up write down what you need to release on a separate piece of paper

Ask for divine wisdom and understanding as you dwell on these thoughts during the days leading up to the ritual

ONE of many ways to perform the ritual is as follows:

After sunset on the Eve of the Full or New Moon

Light the candles.  White for purity.  Red for the life force, blood, prana.  Violet for divine wisdom and guidance.  Green for the Divine Mother Earth Gaia.

Pour your most recent menstrual flow into a challis.  Bless the soul in your liquid gift of life.  Speak words of gratitude and love from your heart to the part of your soul you have poured into this cup and are returning to Gaia, Mother Earth

Take some hair from your hair brush and bless it.  Send your message of peace into the hair for the divine feminine and the divine masculine and place it into the cup

In a pinch of pure tobacco, send your heart’s message to Mother Earth, motherhood, and the process of creation

Ask for divine wisdom and understanding, healing, compassion, clarity and inspiration 

Burn half of tobacco and send your love energy to the spirit above

Burn the list of things that no longer serve your soul purpose&nbsp

Burn the list of things you want to create and manifest 

Drink distilled sea salt weather throughout the ceremony as you sing your incantations 

Bury the offering in the ground or pour it into a sacred waterway

Sprinkle dried tobacco on the offering sending healing blessings

Listen quietly until you feel Whole and complete

Closing prayer

And So It Is

You can find my YouTube video of this process here.

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