Look at Her

Look at her

Look at what she’s doing

She has manifested herself a new life

She is staying in really nice places

With really nice people

All over the world

She is making new friends

And finding support for her truth

She has really done much to commend

I don’t know anyone like her

Do you?

No I don’t

There is no one like her, I’ve met

She is different 

That’s for sure


That’s good

I mean I’m happy for her

Yeah me too

She’s doing her thing 

What can I say

I can’t be jealous of her

I guess she suffered a lot so she says

Yea you’d think it was true that she’s crazy

Some say

But look at the things she can do

I know right 

Have you seen her at work

When she’s doing those cards

Yea that’s creepy

I don’t understand 

She’s too deep for me


Yea I don’t think about things that way


Me either 

It’s weird

She believes in ET

I know that’s so funny I laugh at her face

When she talks about the things that make me so insecure

It’s scary 

Yea honestly

You think there’s something to that?

What? The aliens? Yea, it seems like a trap

Thank god

I’m not the only one

Who feels scared this way

What would she do or say

There’s only one you and your you is in you

LMAO that’s really good!

Now you’re thinking her way


Like Dr Suess

You think she channels him, too? 

Yea probably 

You know she can 

Or so she does say

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