Standing at the Bus Stop Today…

Here is an example of the weird stuff that happens to me. I was standing at the bus stop and a man rode by on his bicycle. He winked at me and I smiled. A moment later, I felt an energetic summons over my left shoulder. I turned and looked and he had pulled over and was sitting at a monument in front of the neighboring building. He smiled at me and I smiled back and he waved me over. I gestured “what for?” and he summoned me again. I slowly walked over to inquire of his intentions and we started a conversation. He is a lonely man who lost his wife 2 1/2 years ago. He wanted my attention because he found me attractive and later told me he really just wants to cuddle. Of course, I knew that before I even walked over there and before he asked for my number. (I know what men want LOL) What he got was something completely unexpected. I gave him an informal reading during that brief encounter and gave him a blessing that had him in tears and changed his somewhat predatory behavior into that of gratitude. I may be a small, beautiful woman alone in a big foreign city, but I know who I am and what I have to offer. I am much more than my body. I am much more than my face. I am much more than a stranger passing on the street has bargained for. I did not feel threatened by this man. If I did I never would’ve walked over there. I listen to my angels and I know how and when someone needs to heal. This man had no idea what he wanted when he noticed me, but his angels, and his wife did. And when I gave him a hug as my bus arrived, I was even more certain that everything happens for a reason.

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