Past Lives

In my previous lives on this planet I have served

A variety of different roles

I have played the part

In this chess game of life

I’ve reached many an ego goal

I’ve been a slave master

A destroyer of men

A wielder of great power

Caused suffering and then

I came back a slave

To learn what it’s like

To endure oppression

And balance my life

I’ve been black,


A woman and white

I’ve been a thief and a merchant

And a salesperson’s wife

I’ve been a healer

A pagan

A queen of the night

A preacher 

A minister

A mother of life

I’ve killed and I’ve been killed

Many a time

All to learn feeling

To heal this timeline

You name it 

I’ve felt it

Every feeling there is

To learn to transmute it

There’s not one thing I’ve missed

Now here stands before you

A Master of flesh

To help mankind’s rapture

The earth to refresh

We all are ascending 

Every single living soul

To lift up into 5D

Ascension our collective goal

Oh won’t you please join me, 

My dear waking humans

In remembering your history

Help Gaia in her blooming  

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