Doing the Math on Insanity

Beliefs people think are unreal or insane:

Hearing voices

Seeing “things”

Conversing with Angels or God

Conversing with animals, plants, insects, stones and trees


Psychic abilities 


Extra Terrestrials 


Life on other planets, timelines, dimensions 


Self Healing

Conspiracy theories 

Beliefs that actually ARE unreal and insane:



The financial system 

The medical system

Human limitations 

Mainstream Science

Mainstream Media

Look at the evidence

Look at the results of cooperating with things that are accepted as real and stable

We have small portable computers in our hands but we are still using fossil fuels, we still argue about climate change, we don’t have a solution to clean up our oceans, we still believe there is a difference between culture and color, and we can’t seem to cure anything.

Look at how far we have come versus how far we could have come

Put two and two together and you tell me… what’s real and what’s insane? 

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