The WMD They Don't Want You To See

Weapons of mass distraction exist. Weapons of mass destruction destroy the mass distractions. Information is your most valuable weapon. Educate yourself. Do research and ask questions. Question everything. Questions are your most valuable ammunition. Don’t be a drone. Resist globalist programming. Question authority. Be a suspicious observer. Be a critical thinker. Be informed. Be alert.


Some people don’t want to talk. Some people want to fully experience separation. That is their journey. They can have their experience. They can have their journey. They can control their feelings until they know what they are. They can feel them or not feel them as long as they are comfortable. When they decide


Now that I've been out for a year, I'm noticing all the feelings I carry that I haven't been able to feel.  In the beginning I was afraid of everything from being alone to being around people.  Now I'm no longer anxious when I go out.  I can go to the store and ride around