It's the End of the World as We Know It

Judge not, lest ye be judged.  We’ve all heard this line.  How difficult it is for us to to connect with those around us and not to judge them in some way.  We all subscribe to beliefs and thoughts of one form or another, and this is what prevents us from feeling connected, not only to others, but also to ourselves.

We are all spiritual beings.  All of us come from the same Source.  While we are here, having this experience, things happen in our lives that cause us to develop certain beliefs that become our ego.  The ego is formed when we begin to perceive that there is a separation of ourselves and others and the world around us.  It is our adaptation to reality based on our individual beliefs, perspective, and experience.  It is the contrast between “I” and everything else.

We as humans are generally not aware that we have these beliefs.  Our reality promotes the idea of individuality and difference, fueling our disconnection from ourselves and everything else.  The irony is that the one thing we all want most is unity and to feel connected, yet the world we have created is designed to drive us apart and into chaos.

What is it that prevents us from being/feeling connected? Is it not the judgements we have about ourselves, other people, the world and all the systems?  When we are babies, we have no idea what is happening, we only know the need for love and basic things.  The ideas and thoughts we form in our minds become our reality, like a program we willingly download and integrate as a part of ourselves.  We adopt our parents’ fears, judgements and beliefs.  We adopt the beliefs of our peers.  We become the “I” in our preferences, our beliefs, and our judgements.  We become separate from other people.  We agree and disagree.  We feel our identity begin to form and the world reinforces it.  We become our ego and forget the connection we once had to Source.

Religion has capitalized on this desire for connection.  We all are affected.  Not one of us is truly autonomous.  Whether you believe in a divine origin or not, we all have the desire to connect in some way.  It is our beliefs that we have developed about the idea of divinity or “god” that further confuses and separates us.  Religion is the most corrosive belief system there is because it takes our natural desire for connection and turns it into a belief that we are powerless and must worship to be connected.  This is not true at all.  It is an elaborate idea that has been brutally reinforced over and over again since the beginning of time.  All institutional systems are built on this foundation and create our reality so that we can’t even see it.  We are not aware of the thoughts that have taken control over our lives.  If you were to totally erase or forget everything you know and believe and just go back to the beginning, I imagine that you would have a hard time picturing what the world would be like without all the structures in place because it feels so real.  What if every single person on the planet stopped supporting the money system, or stopped paying their bills?  It will never happen because people are afraid.  Most people are so invested in this reality, in the fear of it all, to imagine that it’s all an illusion is not only frightening, but beyond belief.  

The truth is, however, is that reality is changing and unless we all awaken and shift with the energy, we are going to have a very hard time adjusting.  Unless we let go of everything we believe and allow things to take their natural course, we are going to find ourselves in painful resistance.  Those that cling to this “reality” of duality and illusion, are at risk of suffering pain, loss, frustration, fear, and possibly, violence.  No one really wants this, but the truth is, no one can do it for anyone else.  No one can save humanity because humanity must save themselves.  They do this by letting go of the ego.. letting go of the beliefs, letting go of everything and awakening and allowing the shift to change them and everything.  Resistance really is futile.

We need to stop judging ourselves and other people.  We need to awaken to the reality that god is each of us, we are all little bits of god’s consciousness having an experience.  We are all a part of god.  We are all creating this reality.  Once we let go of everything that makes up our ego, which, admittedly is ALOT easier said than done.. once we let go of our ego, we will see that we are a part of everything, we always have been and we always will be.  There is a peace in that knowing, it is referred to in the Bible as “the peace of god” and it surpasses all understanding.  

We cannot judge others who are not awake.  No one can be anywhere that they are not.  Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be.  Everyone is doing exactly what they are supposed to do.  It is not fair to ask another person to do anything beyond their capabilities.  You can’t be something you’re not, yet when we judge other people, that’s exactly what we are doing. The next time you get the urge to give advice, or give your opinion or tell someone they’re wrong or argue or judge, first ask yourself what it’s like to be a zebra.  Try to force yourself to become the zebra, then remove your stripes.  Ridiculous, isn’t it? It’s the same thing when we have the feelings that other people are not doing exactly what they came here to do.  Let it go.  Set yourself free from the pain of frustration.  Look within yourself and put the energy you used to spend judging into making your own life magical and magnificent.  Remember, you are creating your reality.  You are god.  You are going to reap whatever it is you sow.  Choose wisely.

People who are comfortable do not move.  They don’t make changes, they just stay where they are.  If someone comes along and makes them uncomfortable, they get mad and protest, but it gets them moving.  Just think back to the last time you were all snuggled up in your warm bed and how you felt when someone came along and yanked off your blankets, exposing your body to the cold.  Now imagine the political climate of the world in comparison.  We have been under the rule of leaders who have oppressed us for centuries and we have been comfortable with it.  We have been compliant at the very least.  Now someone has come along and yanked off our blankets and we are upset about it.  We have been given the opportunity to awaken.  Climbing back under the covers is not an option.  Those covers are gone.  Our options are to get up and do something positive with our lives, or be angry about the circumstances and look for places to lay the blame and be miserable.  Either way, it’s our choice.  As always, we create our reality.  This time and these circumstances are a gift for us to make a better world.  To make a better life for ourselves, for our children and future generations.  

This is why we came here.  It may be too much for some.  Some people will never awaken.  The best thing we can do for those who prefer to sleep, is to help them sleep comfortably.  It has nothing to do with you, it says nothing about you, and everything about them.  The time has come to change the world.  And it begins with you.

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