Sugar Addiction is Worse Than Heroine Addiction

Not that I can really claim to know what coming off of heroine is like. The worst drug I ever had to come off of was a pain patch, which actually is like heroine. And cannabis, but the physical withdrawals are nothing.  

In my opinion, sugar is the hardest thing to quit. Not only is it physically and psychologically addicting, it is legal, and it is literally EVERYWHERE. You cannot escape the temptation of sugar. There are commercials for it, people always talk about it, and it is in nearly every packaged food on the market, including so called health foods.

Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar? I have and it’s not exactly a piece of cake. (See what I mean? EVERYWHERE). You really have to be diligent about reading labels and understanding what you are eating. It pretty much limits your choices to a fraction. No more mindless eating if you quit sugar, that’s for sure.  

The thing people don’t realize is, sugar is very damaging to our bodies. It wasn’t until I began to get healthy and stopped eating sugar altogether, did I realize the harmful effects it had on my system. One day recently this was evident when I ate 2 small cookies. It took days for the toxic effects to get out of my system. I noticed, that when I eat sugar, my bodily fluids are not, shall we say, ph balanced. In fact, I don’t even need to wear deodorant when I’m not eating sugar. But if I do eat sugar, it’s noxious. Cancer feeds on sugar. Antiperspirant blocks the sweat glands. Breast cancer is higher than ever in BOTH men AND women. Crazy to imagine that all of these things might be connected in a way. All of these products and foods that are sold to us detract from our quality of life, but if someone threatens to take them away from us, we feel deprived. I don’t think that’s a coincidence but a conspiracy.

My body is the most precious gift I’ve ever been given. I’m only halfway through my life and I’m glad I finally woke up and started taking care of it before I ruined it. I feel so much better now, at 44, than I ever have in my life. What I eat and how I move has made all the difference.

As a health coach, I help clients to find their true self and learn to care for their bodies. I’ve partnered up with Health Talks Online because some people like to learn on their own, at their own pace, and for free. If you are one of those people, and you are ready to do the necessary research for getting healthy and fit, I invite you to watch the Sweet Freedom Summit and seriously consider breaking your sugar addiction.

It is free and online from April 10-17, 2017. You can attend and listen at your leisure by clicking THIS LINK.

If you miss it, you can also order it at a later date.

Our health is the most precious gift we have. If we don’t have our health, we cannot live life to the full. 
This is one tool you can add to your wellness toolbox


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