Your feeling of incompetence resonates with me.  

You are reflecting this heart of mine

It feels like

Unlovable and unwanted

Not good enough and impotent 

Need to feed my face with cookies

Fill this empty heart with food

I felt great about myself until

That thought form attached itself to me

It wants to feed

It wants to live

It survives in me 

And begs me to give

Give it thoughts like you’re no good

Never enough

And not perfect 

and “should”

I’ll fight this thought form off of you

But on myself

It’s not so easy to do

I’m parallel on the other side

It’s like you’re a mirror

Staring back at me

You’re perfect and wonderful

And just sufficiently enough

You’re intelligent and lovable

You’re more than a miracle

You’ve got the right stuff

I look in the mirror and say it to me

With as much energy and love 

As if I said it to you

Christina Hope Justice

Medium/Channel Intuitive Coach

Certified Holistic Health Coach 

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