The Trouble with Christianity…

Why does Christianity teach that spiritism is the work of the devil? According to the Bible at Deuteronomy 18:10-13, whoever employs divination, practices magic, looks for omens, whoever practices sorcery or binding others with a spell, whoever consults a spirit medium, a fortuneteller and anyone who inquires of the dead are detestable to God. The Christian religion, of which I am mostly speaking, teaches that you must do all things to the glory of God. It teaches that an enemy of God and his wicked angels are attempting to mislead humanity and to blind the minds of the people to the truth about God. Is this really true?

In the beginning, we are told, a pair of humans in a garden were given an ultimatum that if disobeyed, threatened the sovereignty of their Creator, and would give them access to knowledge and they would become godlike. This myth resembles many other myths in history that tell the story about the eating of a forbidden fruit leading to punishment and suffering. The story is that a place of fertility becomes barren and paradise is lost as a result of disobedience and thus continued ignorance. This leads us to ask, why would a loving god hold back what his children need for life to be good here on earth?

Religion says dabbling in astrology or Tarot cards or palm reading is dangerous. There are several scriptural references that claim spiritism as being from the devil. But is that really true? In most cases of people accessing information from the spiritual world, like attracts like. A positive person with positive intentions will get positive results from divination. The same goes for negativity. It is all about the intention. The prohibition against spiritual practices gives the appearance of motivation to prevent access to knowledge. Why doesn’t the institution of religion want you to know, understand and use your own divinity that exists naturally inside you? Why are these abilities kept secret? Why are people impelled to be afraid of what is normal for a human being? Why are things that are beneficial to us being denied? We cannot learn to protect ourselves if we are afraid of our own natural abilities.

In order to understand the truth about something, research is needed. The trouble with religion, is that most of the adherents to a faith do not allow themselves to learn anything that contradicts what they hold most dear to their heart. Beliefs in a sovereign God. This rigidity of thinking teaches people to believe that too much knowledge is bad. Religion is preaching fear. The reason people do not deviate from what they are taught in church, is because they are afraid to do so. The fear of God prevents them from looking into anything that would contradict their most holy Savior. Fear of death and fear of punishment prevents people from opening their minds to the possibility of any other positive power. If people were to access their innate capabilities and amazing human ability to manifest, the praise and worship given to their gods would no longer be needed. What would happen to god if humans realized their potential? What would life be like if humans understood that everyone has the power of Jesus? The sovereign state of God would be revealed as a weak, insecure, fear mongering, narcissistic dictator, and more.

It is said that Christianity is based on the teachings of Christ. Yet if you look at the behavior and traditions of most Christian religions today, they look nothing like the teachings of Christ. It was not until Christianity became a state religion in 300 A.D., under the rule of Constantine, did Christianity begin to be integrated by the majority of people. How did Constantine get people to embrace Christianity? If you recall, this was the time of crusades, witchhunts and book burning. People being burned at the stake. Those who were practicing magic and divination were accused of monstrous atrocities like child and animal sacrifices and they were killed. People who were “pagan” were forced to convert or face a torturous death. How is bloodshed in the name of Christianity even possible? How do the teachings and behavior of modern Christians compare to the teachings of love and forgiveness of Christ?

There is a story to be told here.

What most people are not aware of, is that the very things that the church was accusing “pagans,” and witches of practicing, such as blood sacrifice, pedophilia and ritualistic abuse, the church itself was actually practicing. The church was and still is actively accessing dark occult magic to gain and retain power and the ones who were and are aware of this are the witches and pagans who use the white magic. They were, and still are simply living in harmony with nature, understanding the divine nature of cosmology. They are sensitive and highly aware of the energy this institution is creating and these intuitive ones were in a position to expose it for what it really was. Enslavement. Not much has changed and look where we are today.

The church directly ordered the extermination of the only people who could not be easily persuaded and converted, and those who could expose the truth about the institution of religion. These were practicers of white magic.. those who had access to their own human power. Like narcissists often do, the church accused people of doing the very things that the church itself was doing, and then wrote in the Bible to exclude any kind of magic practice at all from society, deeming it evil and inhuman and to be avoided and feared. This way, the only ones who would be practicing any magic would be the religious leaders and government officials. Drawing their power from dark sources to control the blind and dumb sheep who are too fearful to believe in themselves.

This is why we have the world we live in now. The practice of dark occult magic is still the most relied upon power by those in authority. There is a death cult ruling our world. They gain their power by subjecting the people to their rituals and the people are not even aware it is happening. Just because actual blood is not shed openly, does not mean the same power isn’t gained by those beliefs in rituals that take place right out in the open.  

We cannot learn to protect ourselves if we are afraid of our own natural abilities. We can have direct knowledge through divination and thinking. This guidance can protect you. If you don’t know the dangers are coming at you, they can just harm you. You are unprotected. Like sheep without a shepherd. Experience shows that there is good and bad. It is not difficult to recognize. You can learn how to protect yourself.

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