Happy Anniversary to the Knight of Swords

One year ago today you responded to my public rant in the Indigo Children group

One year ago I looked at your picture and recognized you

You were the one I wanted to talk to

I needed someone to listen

I called out

And you heard me

I knew it was you the moment I saw/felt you

I can’t explain how I knew

I just knew

And from that day forward you have helped me untangle my complicated life 

You helped me pull myself out from under my misery and limiting beliefs 

You helped me unweave the web of thought forms that held me in captivity

By being the very first one ever to say to me

I believe you

You are not crazy

I was surrounded by people who were not supporting me

You were the first and only one to understand me

You didn’t ask me for anything in return

You didn’t want anything from me

No strings attached

You simply cared


Human love

Human compassion

Outright acceptance

You listened

You showed me something I had never known

Something I had been searching for my entire life

Something that I was told didn’t exist

You showed me love

The kind of love that resonates through my whole body

And makes my toes curl

You validated me

And helped me tear down the walls that have imprisoned me



Without asking for anything in return

I have never respected anyone like I respect you

I have never admired anyone like I admire you

I have never met anyone like you

You are a perfect match to my intelligence, my wit, my mind, my love and my body

You make me laugh like no one else does 

How is it that a man across the world could be my identical twin?

You are exactly like me except in the ways you complement me

You are the yang to my yin

My soulmate, sacred partner, twin

I have grown more since knowing you than I’ve ever grown before then

I love you more than I ever imagined it was possible to love a person

I take that back,

I knew it was possible

I just couldn’t find the right one to receive it

And not only do you absorb my love so readily like a sponge

You love me back in a way that fills me up and makes me overflow

I’ve been looking for you, my twin soul

And now that I’ve found you

Our souls can really grow

I bow to you, my love

I thank you for your support 

For your love and your courage

You are the most amazing human being I have ever met

I have loved you and will love you 



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    March 19, 2017



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