When Marriage is a Death Sentence

I just watched a video from the Power of Positivity on my Facebook feed and I am appalled. This is the story told from the perspective of a husband, let’s call him N for narcissist.  N wakes up one morning and tells his wife Amy that he wants a divorce and he has been having an affair with a woman named Jane. He offers her a settlement package and says he’s sorry.  Amy remains calm except for one reasonable crying spell and counters his offer with the request that for 30 days he carry her to the front door from their bedroom just like he did on their wedding day.  Meanwhile their son is observing the display.  During the 30 days of performing this act, N admits he hadn’t been paying attention to his wife, she was looking older, she had given him 10 years of her life and he hadn’t been intimate with her because he was busy with Jane.  After 30 days he realized he still loves Amy and breaks it off with Jane. He goes home with flowers and finds Amy dead.  She had concealed her illness from him.  She had been suffering from cancer.  The moral of the story according to the Power of Positivity is, marriage is until death do you part.  

I call bullshit.

First of all, all disease begins in the emotional body.  Cancer can be attributed to the suppression of anger.  So for 10 years this poor woman suffered in silence until her body became diseased and she died.  Meanwhile it is likely that her anger came from being trapped in an unhappy relationship with this guy and feeling powerless to leave it.  Because, “till death do you part”. So that’s exactly what happened. Amy’s marriage was a death sentence for her.  Yet, the institution and all who support it would have people believe that you MUST stay trapped.  You must make it work, and if there’s something wrong you should try and work it out.  This is abusive.  No normal person would admit that they would ever agree with a person staying in a relationship with a person who is abuseive.  Yet, the fact that we chain people to each other for life and guilt them if they break those chains, is itself, the practice of abuse.  The very belief system that has created and reinforced this institution IS ABUSE. Meanwhile, our children watch us suffer and they are told it is positive, this is how it’s done, and they repeat the cycle mindlessly.

It is time to wake up.  The very foundation of the problems of mankind lie in the systems we are enslaved to.

It is time to say no to doing ANYTHING against our will.  This is self love and lack of it is what keeps us all enslaved.

Here is a link to the video.

Pure horseshit. 

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