Monkey See, Monkey Do

It has been quite entertaining to watch the hosts I stay with respond to my presence in the kitchen. Not a word has been spoken, no advice has been given, I just watch people respond to my eating habits with theirs.
When I roll in with my groceries and put my organic greens and vegetables with their cans of slim fast and produce that’s slowly withering away in the crisper drawer, I just take mental notes. I can tell a lot about a person’s health by the things I see in their kitchen.

I learned long ago as a health coach, that people do not make lasting changes unless it comes from within themselves. I have stopped trying to force people and I just live by example.

Usually I stay close to a month in a place, and over time I start seeing some adjustments. As I daily eat my same staples, fruit, salad, canned fish, brown rice, kombucha. I soon see minor shifts in the meals of the people I stay with. Fewer fast food bags in the trash, more fruit on the counter, empty tuna cans, fewer boxes of prepared food, sometimes even rice on the stove, just the same as I do, only white, not brown.

So while they may not be coming to me directly for advice, at least they are benefiting from my living demonstration. There is some satisfaction in knowing that my existence makes a difference, even if not a word is spoken.

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