On This Day

One year ago my spiritual awakening was kicking into high gear… 

I wrote:

When I was misdiagnosed as having a mental and personality disorder, never once did I use that as an excuse for my words or behavior although I was physically sick, just not “disordered”. 

Maybe if I had accepted the diagnosis, I would have become the diagnosis as many do. Probably not, though. I am a survivor and a fighter. I was born, not just to survive, but to overcome. And I always have. And I still am.

Two years ago I wrote:

It is a sign of intelligence to question the status quo. Even if it makes people think you are crazy.

Little did I know that taking control of my weight eight years ago would begin a journey that would lead to recovering my mind. I gave away my sanity. And then I took it back.

A year ago I began venting on FB. It scared a lot of people. But now they are beginning to see that it wasn’t just a manic moment. It was a transformation. And I recorded it all in my Black Swan Sybil blog, and I appreciate those following. It is essentially my online journal. And the story has just begun.

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