Asking For a Friend…

It’s 11:11 and I’m headed to bed.. before I go, though I’d like to ask a favor of my friends.. not just for me but on behalf of everything alive.. for quite a while now I’ve been participating in a mediation every Sunday.. I’m not the only one, there are groups doing this all over the world, but I just do it by myself. The results are beginning to show energetically.. it is a slow process, but healing on all levels is taking place, the world is changing, maybe you can feel it. 

So I ask you, as a fellow earth dweller, when you wake up on Sunday morning, just take a moment and close your eyes and feel thankful for this beautiful planet you live on. Just send out some love energy to this magnificent Mother Earth and then go enjoy your day. 

Your thoughts and love can make a better world and we need everyone to collectively shift this reality. I invite you to do your part with love. On Sunday. Any Sunday.  Every Sunday if you’re so inclined.  Think about unity, world peace, healing, anything. Just a little love for our world.  Everyone can do this. It doesn’t cost you anything and you may be pleasantly surprised at how you feel after. 

Namaste. I love you all 💜🦄💜🦄💜🦄 🌏 and so does Mother 🌎 

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