Venus Retrograde

Venus has gone retrograde as of today.  Which is sorta synonymous with renegade. Venus is cleaning house in the love department.  It actually depends on your particular astrological chart, but for me, Venus is doing a purge.  

She is on an 8 year cycle, so I’m told.  I’m not an astrologer, but I am extremely sensitive to where the planets and heavenly bodies are at any given time.  I always have been that way.  My ex husband would get nervous around the full moon time because he was afraid of how I would behave.  LOL 😂 Had I known that I was highly sensitive back then instead of trying to numb myself for every feeling I had, maybe it wouldn’t have been so traumatic for everyone.  Some lessons are painful.

Eight years ago during the last cycle of Venus, I got real serious about my health.  I weighed 206 pounds and I was miserable.  It was hard to carry around because I am small and it didn’t feel good since I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer and I felt like a hypocrite.  Not to mention I had very little energy to keep up with my life.  After losing the weight, I felt pretty great until I injured my back.

Then there is another part of the Venus cycle that happens every 18 months.. I’m still learning about how astrology works, but as I look at the events in my life, they certainly do line up with what’s going on with the planets.  Therefore it makes sense for me to pay attention to these things.  18 months ago, I was coming off the last of the medications, doing lots of meditation and prepping myself for this spiritual awakening.

I understand why people can be resistant to having an awakening.  It definitely changes your life.  But if you’re stuck somewhere you don’t want to be you really only have two choices.  Stay in that familiar misery, or wake up and take a chance at creating a new reality.  It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Now I’m letting go emotionally of the life I’ve already left physically.  It may seem cruel to cut off everyone but honestly, they could use some positive changes themselves.  And if they want me to be a part of their lives, that’s what they’re going to have to do.  It will benefit everyone.  If they don’t decide to change and align with themselves, well, it makes me sad but I just have to be ok with that.

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