When I go shopping, I spend a lot of time selecting the best produce.  I choose every apple carefully, I feel the avocados, I look carefully over every banana.  I listen to what these live foods tell me.  Will they be satisfying and nutritious for my body? 

It’s not the same when you order groceries online for delivery.  The shopper who selects your food doesn’t care as much as you do about what you put in your body.  Perhaps they choose carefully when they do their job, they do the best they can.  But they can’t care as much about your food as you do.  They don’t share the same beliefs.  Only you can know and decide what you really want. You will only be satisfied if you are making the choices yourself.

Same goes for life.  No one can choose your partnerships for you.  No one can choose your career.  No one else can decide where you live or how.  The only way to be satisfied is to make these decisions yourself.  Only then can you be truly satisfied.

So why do we let people influence us so much?  Why do we listen to the popular opinions?  Why do we tolerate inferior fruit?  Is it because we are afraid to disappoint our peers or our parents?  Are we trying to avoid conflict?  If so, we will find ourselves in conflict with our own self somewhere down the road.

It’s time to look at the contents of our life.  Time to make a list of what we prefer.  There isn’t enough room for rotten fruit, or food that isn’t nutritional.  There is a major shift taking place in our lives.  And we all need to decide what’s really valuable.  Not for anyone else.  For us.  

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