What Being Healed Looks Like

Being healed

I’m picturing it now

I’m already there

It’s already happened

I’m able to sit for as long as I want

However I want

No need to shift from side to side

I can sit 

“Like a normal person”

It’s been almost 6 years at the time of this writing since I’ve been thinking about sitting

Before that it was not the torture that it became after the injury 

I’m thinking about what it feels like to be healed

It’s already happened

There is no more tingling and numbness in my extremities 

I can sit up straight without pain

I can hold my head up 

Lying down is no longer a necessity 

It’s a choice

There’s no incessant ache between my shoulders

No more fear that my body is falling apart

Every joint feels strong

Every vertebrae feels good 

I feel stronger than I ever have in my life

I feel super

Like I’ve been rebuilt with non-terrestrial technology that’s never been seen before on this planet 

My cells have restructured themselves to brand new health 

Beyond that, even

I am immortal 


I am connected to the Source of all that is

I am integrated with my self

And everything else

I am


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