Kill the Lies

The other day when I was doing laundry

I killed a cockroach named Ray

He was mean to say the least

His hands all over my mom

My angry dad

Angry Poppy

Why is he angry?

The little baby who chewed on the cheese

Has more money than mom and dad

Don’t fall in the can

That little mouse was just a baby at least

There was a dad in there somewhere who didn’t want to be bad

I am willing to heal the divine masculine

So much anger

There is such a need for blood 

it’s enough war I say

Why do they love such violence?

Such lust for the argument

This world is in a deep dark night of the soul

There’s a need for healing the divine masculine 

As much as the divine feminine 

Unconditional love is the knowledge that there is good

And there is also bad

So now I figured out how the truth really works

The knowledge of good and bad 

Will make you like god

If you eat it you will become like god


knowing good

Knowing bad

Both are the same

Both are within

No sin

No death

No suffering

No Seth

Cats are healing

Cats are waiting

Cats are calling


Cats are ascending 

Cockroaches, too

3rd Dimension 

Talking to you

Hello creatures

Big and small

Mamas woke 

now She calls

Been kept silent


All the anger

Been thrown on Eve

She didn’t deserve it

Look at me

I am Eve

And so are thee

Why throw hate out

Every month

Cursing poor Eve

Did she eat?

Did she listen?

Did she pay them?

It’s a set up

Until you’re fed up

Hard to find 

At night

Hold those ghosts up

To the light

You’re an angel

I can see it in your eyes

You’re an angel

In disguise 

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