Fuck You

Fuck you, you sonofabitch piece of shit pussy.

I know you read my shit and save stuff as if you were building an arsenal against me.

Fuck you for being so deceptive and conniving

I want you to read it all

I want you to know how much I hate you and what a piece of shit I think you are

Both you and my dad and Nick and all of you sick narcissists

You all are fucking losers and you deserve each other

You will never, ever understand what you have done to me

You are too stupid to have any kind of insight on what it means to be compassionate

Or intelligent

Or comprehensive

You believe your own lies

And I don’t fit into your lie anymore

So go ahead and stalk me

I want you to see how happy I am

I want you to see how much I am loving

And being loved in return

By a man who has more intelligence and nobility and wisdom in his pinky finger

Than you will ever have in this lifetime

And probably the next several lifetimes

In fact, he is everything you wish you were without even trying

He just IS

So you can kiss my ass, Mister E

I don’t care what you do with this information

I hope you choke on it

There is absolutely nothing you can do to harm me

Beyond what you have already done

And like the Terminator robot

I survived

And I came back

And if you stick around

You’ll watch me kick ass

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