Babylon is Religion

I was deceived

And I’m pissed about it sometimes

I was misled

Misguided, duped 

I was told to do the will of God

That God is in control

God is allowing evil to exist

To vindicate his name

His sovereignty 

I call bullshit

I was told

And led to believe

Humans have no power

Satan is in control of the nations

His evil influence is the cause of suffering



I was led to believe I must not only believe 

I must also slave and serve this God

In the name of Jesus on behalf of the kingdom

I must preach so blood is not on my hands

I was deceived and led to believe that this was the mercy and compassion of Christ

Meanwhile I judged

And criticized

And pity those who don’t comply

And pray for those who don’t submit to the arm twisting proselytization

I was deceived and fed a lie

That the Bible is the word of a God of love

A God who is jealous

A God who hates a divorce

A god to be feared and not disrespected who would have your body thrown into Gehenna

Yet, he loves me so much and wants me to live

And he loves humanity so much that he allowed his own son to be tortured

And he needs that energetic fear mongering blood sacrifice year after year



Satanic blood letting 

All religions are the same

I am angry because I suffered so much pain from this deception 

I allowed myself to be tortured and enslaved

To be labeled as crazy and sick

Because I didn’t listen to my own intuition 

My body and mind protested

Because I am a lightworker

A healer

A reader

An intuitive

I cannot give my power away

I tried until I almost died

I simply cannot resonate with the lie

I am a bearer of light

A speaker of truth

A wayshower opening the prison doors at night

Come out, poor souls 

Come out of the cage

Babylon is falling

Don’t be a slave

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