Synchronicities, Seeing Signs and Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Why do I keep seeing double digits?

According to Dictionary dot com, the definition of synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence.  Now when you say it like this, it implies that by definition it is an absurd concept.  It’s just your imagination and you are crazy if you live your life according to, or even considering, that synchronicities mean anything.  The first thought one probably has is of a homeless person who talks to themselves and swats at things no one else sees.  And that is exactly what “they” would like you to believe.  Those who control the entire system of things would like people to believe that magic only exists in Disney and Hollywood movies. It doesn’t exist for you.  They want you to think you are a powerless, sinful creature who doesn’t know anything and must depend on those who do have power, to tell you what to do.  We have been enslaved as a society by this belief.

Actually, synchronicities are seemingly normal events that confirm your thoughts.  They are meaningful coincidences.  They can occur visually, audibly or as a physical sensation or a feeling or an emotion.  They can be numbers on a clock, like 11:11 or 5:55 for example.  They can be numbers on license plates, signs, buildings, anything.  Synchronicities, or signs, can be sounds like phone pings, car horns, sirens, birds chirping, dogs barking, falling feathers, or seeing a feather and pretty much anything meaningful to you that feels to you like a sign.  Music can also be synchronistic.  You may be feeling or thinking something and a song comes on that confirms what was just going on in your thoughts, or that applies to your current situation.  You may see flashes of light or something may catch your eye at just the right time.  Sometimes they present as a taste or even a smell.  All of these things, and plenty more, can be considered synchronistic signs. They are guidance from your spirit guides, your higher self, or the Divine.  Synchronicities are a magical navigation system that leads you to your highest purpose and your greatest joy in life.

So how do you begin to tune into your own guidance system?  One way is to meditate.  Listen to your thoughts impartially.  Begin to separate yourself from the addictive overthinking we all engage in.  Pay attention to your repetitive thought patterns and just become a witness to those thoughts.  Disidentify from your mind as you focus on the now.  Be present.  Who you are does not depend on the contents of your mind.

Another way is to ask for a sign.  This means pray. To whomever you feel guided by, whether it be god, Jesus, Mary, the saints, your guardian angels, your higher self, Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu or who or whatever.  This is not about religious beliefs.  This is you, connecting to the Source that is also you, and everything that is and has ever existed.  As long as you have pure intentions and you raise your vibration and your mental thoughts above the negative thoughts and vibrations, you will get positive feedback and responses.  There is no need to fear being misguided because the only evil that exists, already exists within you and it cannot hurt you unless you agree with it.  Ask for a sign.  Ask for multiple signs.  Ask for the signs to be obvious and clear.  Remember that you are asking Love for guidance, you are asking yourself.  No one knows you better than you do, no one knows how you think more than you do.  The guidance you receive will be tailored to you, perfect for you.  No one will understand what you are feeling or seeing as well as you do.

When signs begin to show up for you, allow your body to give you a truthful reflection of your thoughts through your feelings and emotions.  Allow your feelings to tell you what it means without letting your thoughts about it override your intuitive knowing.

Learn to trust your intuition and you will soon have confidence that you are always following your divine path.

Do you see the orb fly in at the beginning of this video? 😜😆😆

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